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Automotive Inspired Artwork Created by Aaron Stein

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are top questions I get asked most frequently.  If you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to e-mail me.

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Where do I get my license plates?

I have been collecting license plates for over 40 years and finding them is still a big thrill.  I go to junkyards, scrapyards, recycling centers, flea markets, junk shops, and auctions.  I also belong to the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association where collectors buy, sell, and trade plates on-line, from the monthly newsletter, and in person at numerous meets in different locations through out the year.  Everywhere I travel I also look for 'road kill' plates; ones found in the road or on the shoulder.

Do I accept license plate donations?

I do except license plate donations of expired plates either through the mail or dropped off at my studio in Burlington, Vermont.  I do not expect people to give me plates and I offer to incorporate them into a piece of artwork for you at a discounted rate.  However, if you have plates that you plan to throw out or recycle I can always use more and they will be incorporated into my artwork and not resold.

Do I buy plates?

I do buy plates either individual ones or collections.  I'm fond of plates that are beat up, bent, rusty, have holes in them and are in poor condition.   I tend not to buy ones in very good to excellent shape that serious collectors want.  Please contact me with what you have and include photos if possible.

Do I sell license plates?

I do not sell unaltered license plates; only the ones that I incorporate into my artwork that I have made my mark on.

Do you accept commissions?

Commissions are welcome and very exciting to me.  I'm honored when someone enjoys my work enough to request a special piece.  I can use your plates or provide ones to create a unique work of art just for you.  please contact me with your ideas and I can provide design input and pricing.

Do you have plates from all the 50 states?

I have plates from all the fifty states and achieved that goal thirty five years ago as a teenager.  I do have multiples of all states but some are states are easier to find and therefore i have more of them.

How many license plates do you have?

My collection grows at the rate of over one hundred plates per month and I use about that much in my artwork per month.  So I'm at 3,500 and counting; and I can always use more!